Welcome to Jephson Lodge

Jephson Lodge was formed over 100 years ago and its members come from a wide range of backgrounds who share the spirit of happy fellowship combined with the opportunity to help our fellow citizens.

Membership requires a certain level of commitment but is rewarded with the chance to make new friends and the ability to provide a positive contribution to society in general.

Membership fees are very modest when compared to other ‘Clubs’ and charitable giving is purely voluntary. If members decide to give, they are urged to only donate what they can easily afford without detriment to themselves or their families. No pressure will ever be applied to any member in this respect.

Meeting at Alderson House, Warwick, our Lodge is open to new, initiate members as well as to ‘joining members’ from other lodges. We hope that the information found on the pages of this website will give you an outline of Freemasonry in general and Jephson Lodge in particular.

Our Secretary will answer any general enquiries and can be contacted by email using the ‘Email us’ link in the navigation bar above. If you are interested in becoming a Freemason and joining our Lodge, please go to the ‘Membership’ page using the link above.

Alderson House, Warwick
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